Hello All,

Ive been lurking the site for a few days and would like some advice on my situation.Long story short. Lost my job due to a reduction in force in October 2016. Been unemployed until October 2017 and during that time, I developed a Credit a debt of almost 20k. My new position is a federal position. i always had a secret clearance at and when i was going through the reinvestigation in 2018 I was tagged for the incident report. Met with Security and had to explain the cause of this debt and i was completely honest and provided all documentation. Did credit counseling and started to pay off the smaller debts and still current working on them. with the incident report, I was approved to keep my clearance as of March 2018. 2019 January i get a new position ( promotion ) and now i need a TS/SCI. met with investigator in April 2019 and he also asked about the incident report. I have him all the documentation that i gave my SSO from the year before. as of August 27th 2019 JPAS tells my new job that its pending DOD CAF. I see a lot of post about the CAF being fast but its almost 6 months for me. My question is, Im currently making on-time payment to the small debts and even paid some off in full since 2018. will this stop me from getting my TS/SCI and what can i do to kinda expedite my status?

There’s not much that you can do to expedite at this point. CAF can be fast when there are no issues but when there are there’s not really a limit on how long they can take. Remember, you’re asking for a significantly higher level of access.

Have you had a poly yet?

The fact that they haven’t denied you is a positive. They are still looking at things. But, don’t expect a quick turnaround.

No they haven’t giving me a poly at all. I had the secrets since 2008 and renewed it in 2018 and never did a poly

A poly is rarely required for a secret. I’m talking about your TS clearance.

No they haven’t asked for a Poly for my TS. I also got the SSO to call DOD CAF today and he was told that my incident and investigation been closed since 20 aug 2019 and they they will get adjudicated together. And it hasn’t been assigned to an adjudicator yet. Been in Adjudication since Aug 27th 2019

You were able to find out whether it had actually been assigned to an adjudicator? That’s pretty good. Five points for your SSO!

Unfortunately, six months in adjudication is not terribly unusual. Hopefully once it gets assigned it will go quickly.

I hope to too. I been getting a lot of misinformation from people.