Contract investigators: how do you list your work on your SF-86?

Contract investigators: How do you list your work on your SF-86? My reinvestigation is coming up in the not-to-distant future. My “business partner” has made clear that I am not an employee, to the point that we’ve all had to incorporate as private corporations, CrazyForts LLC for example.

I see subjects make separate entries under employment for various gig economy jobs - one for Uber, one for Lyft, one for Postmates, etc. All these jobs work the same way as mine as an investigator - I’m a small businessman doing my own thing, with my contracting company and Uncle Sam providing the platform.

My inclination is to list my investigative work as self employment, with the employer being my LLC and the verifier being the contracting company employee who acts as my manager.

In the same vein I think subjects who have various SE gigs should group them under a single self-employment entry. If I am self-employed as a jack of all trades - driving on the Lyft platform today, the Uber platform tomorrow, and picking up for Postmates on day 3 - I’m working for myself the whole time.


SE, LLC and used another ind. contractor in the area as the verifier (not the CL). 30 minute interview with the Fed and no problems after.

You should list it as one self-employment and CrazyForts as the company name.