Temporay Employment for questionnaire?

I’m filing out a SF 86 for the military and I’m not sure what jobs I should be putting. I worked a part time job at a coffee shop, but other than that I made money through one time gigs. I would work for a company for 4 days and then I might not be hired again for months or years, if ever again. Should these type of jobs be list on the SF 86? I don’t want to not list them since I have received W-2’s from some of them even though I made $200 from them of the year.

I would include as many as you can with an explanation that you did a lot of temp work. If the temp work was through an agency, I would likely just list the agency.

Tough question though and I look forward to answers from those with more experience.

In my opinion - if you didn’t receive a w-2, don’t list.

If you worked someplace - even for a day - you are best to report it. Not listing the employment then having it discovered is a Personal Conduct issue. Not listing that employment and having any issue at that employer is a possibly disqualifying Personal Conduct issue (because it appears you are hiding the employment issue).

If you are working for a temp agency - list them as your employer, then list the actual job sites as the job locations. If you are working a lot of one-two day jobs, explain that in the comments section. This is common with younger Subjects or Subjects that were laid off and trying to find work.

This is the same if you are self-employed - list your business/company as the employer (ensure to report this as self-employed) then you can list your primary contract/job location as the job location. This type of employment is common with IT, journeyman professionals, and other contract specific careers.