Waiting on *Public Trust Interim Suitability (How long?)

My name is Mark, I live in NY Long Island and have recently submitted the SF85P for public trust suitability. The job is for Armed Security with the IRS and FAA, both jobs are under a private security agency that bid the contract.

I wanted to reach out to a professional, the process is a little vague for new comers. My questions are, since I submitted my SF85p back about a month ago, how long is the wait till I can work on interim suitability? *I keep hearing it takes long because of the summer and back up of logs with the up in Washington DC.

My other question is, how can I prepare for my interview with the Investigator once I have the appointment? I have worked a lot of jobs for a young person, so I’m concerned that may come into play.

Thank you for you attention and patience in this!

That is entirely up to the agency for whom the position is working for. They should have some sort of process or checklist as to what requirements must be met for high risk public trust positions.

To my understanding, I have met the requirements thus far for the FAA contract including drug screening and weapons training qualifications. But I’ve heard that the security agency is loosing the contract and another is stepping in, would that be delaying my process?

That is a good probability.