Public Trust Adjudication

I recently was offered and accepted a entry level IT role with the SEC. I was just wondering how long adjudication takes before the interim PT is issued? My timeline of dates is below but to summarize, I signed the offer a month ago, signed all documents the next day, completed my SF-85P the same day I got it, and did my fingerprints/photo the day after. Two day later I missed a follow-up email to revise my e-qip to add supervisor names. I eventually get notified this past week on Monday to do it, I take care of it same day.
They ran my credit on that Tuesday. On Thursday, it’s been sent to adjudication.

Is that normal speed for a Moderate Public Trust? And what’s the average time adjudication is completed?

3/11:Offer Accepted
3/13: Documentation signed and faxed
3/26: E-Qip and Additional Questionnaire completed
3/27: Fingerprints/Photo completed
3/28: Credit Report ran
3/29: Follow-Up E-qip email sent/not received by me
4/08: E-Qip revised and resent
4/09: Credit Ran
4/11: Filed sent for Adjudication

Having you start work before your adjudication is up to the requesting agency. There is no specific timeline.

So adjudication is when they decide to issue the full public trust? And not just a temp?

If you are referring to the interim or waiver, i have been told it is about a month after your EQIP is sent off by the security person. But each agency does the waiver adjudication on their own, so they could each have very different timelines. But the final PT could be 3-9 months.

Just curious, how do you know that your credit was ran? Does it show up on your online credit service?

its a soft pull on your credit report