Investigation Concluded

Hi all, my background investigator said he has completed the background and submitted it to be approved. What does this exactly mean? I know mine is public trust that doesn’t go through an adjudicator. How long does it take for the report to be provided to HR or security officer?

Will they still interview references even though he said the investigation is complete?


It means:

  1. The investigator has completed his part. His ROI will be reviewed by his agency or contractor reviewer for completeness.
  2. It means you’re in adjudications or will be ASAP, and then the real wait begins.

I did a public trust a few years ago. From e-QIP submission to final adjudication it was 101 days.

As Harpoon stated - that only means the investigator’s part is done. The case could expand, be sent back for more work or additional field work, or returned for corrections.

Once the reviewer releases the case, then it goes to adjudication — unless the case is sent back to review for corrections/additional information/missing information.

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I just wanted to mention something so you aren’t concerned/confused about the process and timeline. Even Public Trust investigations go through an adjudicator. Obviously the requirements and list of things that would be raised as an issue during adjudication are different between a Public Trust position and TS, but it still does get adjudicated.