Timetable for adjudication!

My background investigator told me he was done with his part on Feb 16th. When will my investigation roughly be sent to adjudication?

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Not sure anyone can answer that question. There’s usually more than one investigator running down leads. One may be done but the others are still tracking down info. Only when your investigation is completed it’s sent to the Central Adjudication Facility.

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Mine said the same thing, but it is only one piece of the pie (I think). I find out that mine went through field work (subject interview, reference checks,etc) fast, but then now sitting here waiting for 3rd party records. If your investigation case is pending, you haven’t got to adjudication yet …

I wonder what else they have to do before it gets sent to adjudication. I received an interview and my friends said they received one as well. I know some of my military friends have not been contacted yet. I hope they do before they get deployed overseas.

Saw this slide on a Maryland.gov website (http://www.brac.maryland.gov/documents/security%20clearance%20101%20pp%20presentation.pdf)

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That is a very simplified flowchart for investigations… the far right and far left columns are the processes that eat up time. Especially the “additional investigation conducted <–> reviewed” cycle.

I love the numbers on waiting times in that slideshow. Shows how much has changed in 9 years.

Does anyone know if the days showing on the timeliness chart are calendar days or work days (excl. weekends and holidays)?

i.e. https://news.clearancejobs.com/2017/11/01/top-secret-clearance-processing-times-lengthen-secret-times-improve/

My problem is since I listed some of my battle buddies and they are around the country, my investigation may take some time. Plus, some of my friends are about to get deployed overseas.

My investigator also submitted her reports in to the agency, and apparently, another investigator (who tracked down another lead) informed me that all contacts had been assigned and that it looked like everything was sent in. However, I still need to be scheduled for a polygraph, and I’m still waiting for that. He told me to be patient, but it is very difficult, especially because there are some things in the near future that I need to plan for.

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