Any suggestions

I have been waiting for a clearance (navy) as a contractor I spoke with investigator about two weeks ago and last Thursday babe contacted me that everything was good and she was submitting it to Adjudication. My question is does anyone know what’s next or how long do I have to wait for the clearance


look for your ajudacation to take 4 to 5 months, if not longer

I would say that four to six months is the minimum. That assumes that there is nothing questionable in your investigation.

question: how do you or the investigator know with certainty that your investigator’s piece is the last piece? I asked because investigators aren’t usually privy to that information. Moreover, there are potentially multiple investigators working on your file and usually the investigators’ reports will be submitted to a case reviewer or such.

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Omg I have been waiting six months already the investigator did tell me that there was no issues with her findings they were all good amd thatbshe was sending thru adjudication that it was just needing a signature is that correct never gone thru this before

The investigator can’t tell you that . . . They don’t know or care or make judgements about what they find. Their job is to do research for someone else to make a decision on. When they tell you, "It’s all good . . . ", they aren’t telling you that you will get a clearance. They are just saying that their part is done.

Like I said I’ve never gone they this with a clearance so it’s all new to me I’m just trying to get a clear picture on how his works and also I was told that my finger prints came back unfavorable I’ve never had a criminal record or have one the only times I’ve had finger prints take. Was for clearance working for USPS and army when I asked what it meant they couldn’t tell me now so I see why I’m a little confused

Will I recieve a letter in the mail with the SOR then the adjuntication process begins at at your estimated timeline? Or is it 3-6 months in adjuntication estimated then a SOR will be recieved / No SOR with clearance granted?

The later . . . Your adjudication is what will determine whether or not you receive an SOR.

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Fingerprints can come back because the person who took the prints didn’t take clear enough prints to run through AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Information System) So I would not sweat the prints unless there is a criminal act you are not disclosing here. As stated before the Investigator is a FACT FINDER, nothing less nothing more.

That’s what I thought and when she did my finger prints she did have trouble with them and I told her And no I have no criminal record at all another question I am in JPASS as inactive what does that mean? I did work at another base back in 2015 for the army though! so I’ve been waiting 6 months already had my criminal checked and the investigator interview so u happen to know what else needs to be done?