Background investigators

Do the background investigators conducting one’s interview make a recommendation is to with the adjudicator should do with regard to hiring for a public trust position? Or do the adjudicators simply look at the file and the investigator’s report without taking into consideration any recommendation from the investigator? Do the investigators even make a recommendation?

Nobody makes a recommendation except an adjudicator.

One other quick question. During my interview, I brought up in an arrest record that was 17 years old. even though I only needed to report things back from seven years. ( I explained the situation as a follow up to my eQUIP to the security unit via a letter.) I was surprised that the background investigator conducting my interview did not know about it. She said that she had no information about it. She said that the fact that the information was not provided to her tells her that the security unit determined that it would not be a problem. Is this correct?

True. It was more than 10, not a have you ever type concern. But always, IMHO, better for you to bring up.

Last question. I had my background investigation interview yesterday. I also have my entrance on duty date already set for August 17. The BI said that she will be filing her report this week. When will I hear about the adjudication? Also, how will I hear?

Thanks for your help.

the enlistment process and the background investigation process are not one. The BI touches (and can touch “hard”) on the enlistment process but the enlistment process does not wait for the BI to finish… at least for now.

The BI said she was filing her report next week. Can you estimate how much time before I hear the adjudicator’s decision? Also, will I hear via email?

Thank you.

There is no timeframe to give. Should there be an adjudication problem you might be notified or spoken with by the security official by phone or email, but I believe an official notice is usually received by postal mail.

Investigators shouldn’t give any sort of timeframe.

The investigator’s “report” is not the full investigation. The full investigation is not released to the adjudicator until everything is completed.

Investigations should not give any sort of timeframe to anyone.

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Nobody here can give you a timeframe for adjudication. It’s like trying to predict if there will be rain on a random day 9 months in the future, anything that anyone says will just be a guess.

Some people’s adjudications take barely 2 months, others it’s well over a year, every case is different so there is literally no way of knowing.