Public trust clearance timeline


I also just got called to complete an in person interview for a PT position …


It is probably on par for the course.


Ok cool, so the agent who called me thought I lived in Maryland / DC but I live elsewhere so he said he was gonna mail me something in regards to getting the interview scheduled? What should I expect? Thanks!


I don’t know about mail - you should be contacted by a local investigator when you reach the assignment pile. This is one of the hazards when the improper locations are listed on the security questionnaire.


Yeah, I live in NoVa and had to meet the investigator in DC due to space, and they moved me to another investigator.


Hmmm… maybe I’ll call that investigator back and see if they’d be cool with me making the drive up to Maryland. I don’t mind and rather get it over with sooner rather than later.


Once the case is reassigned to the new local area - they probably won’t take it back. The DC-NVA-MD metro area is tightly zoned - through it never hurts to try and make the call.


Just an update, there was a super fast turn around and they were able to get me a local interview with godspeed lol.

Interview seemed to go ok, they mentioned during the investigation they found a voluntary dismissal of an expired registration/tag [traffic violation] that I COMPLETELY forgot about… plus if my reading was correct it didn’t need to be mentioned… ironically… I included a speeding ticket on my forms that they said I didn’t need to because it was under the amount LOL (it was over the amount when I added some additional fee but they they said wasn’t necessary because it was not part of the actual fine).

Also… surprisingly, they asked about foreign contacts as I travelled since submitting the equip last year. I mentioned a friend I’ve known for a few years and speak to pretty regularly. I’m surprised in that it wasn’t a question on the sf85p… but hey… rather get it out and revealed sooner than later!! Honesty is the best policy as they say.

Something I forgot to note, in regards to the agent asking about my foreign contact, when they asked about the contacts last name, they had an ever so slight smirk as they were jotting it down. I’m usually good with body language but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Anyways… hopefully I can continue climbing and that my government trusts that I love my country and want to continue serving. Wish me luck!! All feedback is welcome!


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