TSA security clearence

I have been going through the hiring process with Homeland Security for the last 9 months. I completed the SF-86 and have a check mark over each category with the exception of medical and one other category. My medical will be approved when I send in a form from my doctor. Do you know what Security Clearance I will get approved for? My understanding is all TSA agents aren’t required to complete and pass the SF-86. I wasn’t given a choice. I was given access to “Secure area’s” within the airport while I was an employee of American Airlines so I could work international flights. I was badged by the City of Phoenix. I had to renew that badge every 2 years. Just wondering if all the time I have put into this process will result in some type of clearance.

None. If you need one in the future (for example supervisory position) they’ll have your T3 investigation to work with or initiate a T5.

Does the federal government require every new hire and current employee to complete and pass a SF-86 every so often? A T3 and or T5 is a re-investigation. As a taxpayer and a Contract Administrator that manage DOD contracts it is a waste of money to require potential employees to under go a SF-86 for a unsecure position.

You don’t directly address it, but I’m assuming your original question is in relation to TSO?

In any case… position dictates the tiered investigation needed - T2 through 5 require initial investigations and reinvestigations (T2R, T3R, etc.). This has been the case for years but under what is now referred to as legacy case types (SSBI, SSBI-PR, BI, PPR, etc.).

Tier 3 and 5 are national security related, thus requiring the SF86 investigation (and 2, 4 require the 85P for public trust). The employee may not require access to classified information, so a clearance may not be granted. But favorable adjudication can be used as the basis for a clearance down the road. The “need-to-know.”

I wouldn’t consider doing a reasonably thorough vetting of those in positions who directly support a national security function to be a waste of money.

The background investigations are also used in cases where there is a sensitivity or risk management factor.

Not every armed Federal law enforcement agent needs access to TS material, but almost all go the the Tier 5 background investigation before being cut loose on the American public.

Same thing for background investigators, you may never need the Q or TS access, but because of the high risk to internal security, you have to pass the Tier 5.

Some positions are not as high risk so they do the Tier 3 or Tier 4, etc.