Am I getting a background investigation? Public Trust.

Hello all!

A little bit about my situation. I was offered a non-critical sensitive/moderate risk position (public trust) in September 2019. I filled out and submitted the SF 85P with the supplemental questionnaire in October 2019. I was given an official start date in November 2019 and I have been working with the Agency ever since. I always assumed an in person background investigation/interview was going to scheduled, no one told me that though, but as time passed I have never heard anything. Today I was talking to an individual who went through the same program as me, only three years ago, who had their sit down background interview six months after the beginning of their employment. Is it normal to have to wait this long for an in person background interview after working all this time?

Note: I feel like I have a pretty straight forward background. No arrest, no financial issues, no foreign travel or association. I have moved a lot and switched jobs a few times(by choice) but all of that was during college.

Iā€™m not sure everyone who gets put in for a Secret clearance even gets a subject interview, so it is not too surprising that you might not get one for a Public Trust.

I can confirm that interviews are conducted for Secret clearances only on a case-by-case basis. I never got one.

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If you completed an SF-85P you do not have a secret clearance. That form is for public trust position only. You are only interviewed on a case-by-case basis for the level of access your position requires.