Public Trust No Investigator Contact


I accepted a tentative offer with a public trust background check on 7-22. I was told that I was to be contacted in the near future by a background investigator. However, I have received no such contact over the past two weeks and was wondering if this means anything.

It means that you are far too optimistic . . .

Seriously, have you submitted your SF85? You’re less than two weeks from accepting the offer. The wheels of government just don’t move that quickly. If you haven’t submitted your SF85, then they are telling you that someone from their security office will be contacting you. In that case, you should probably get in touch with whoever made the offer and have them check on things.


Having just spent 3 plus hours at the DMV, on my second trip there…concur Ed on wheels of government.

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Would it be rude that I chuckled at both responses? I just got called from my Recruiter “What’s taking so long?” And it’s only been three weeks.
Maybe it’s a good thing? They really want to get me on the job… I just chuckled again.

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