Public trust processing time?

Not sure if is high risk or moderate risk, I sent almost a month ago the sf85p since no news, none of references, neighbors were contacted.
My question is someone will be contacting me? And if they had denied me would they have told me already?
This gives me a lot of anxiety…

One month ago is nothing. Read some post from other people. There are a lot of factors that go into how long an investigation takes but there is definitely no reason to start freaking out at this point in time.

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I once asked my FSO if my clearance had been approved or denied. Their answer was “if you’re denied you’d know”

Sounds blunt, but its true.

Depending on the level of clearance for which you are submitted, and several other criteria, you may not be contacted.

Take a deep breath and tell yourself “no news is good news”

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Thank you! I know may be is too early to receive any news.