FMLA claim hinder my security clearance?

I currently have an FMLA claim active at my current job, due to anxiety and insomnia. Does anyone know if this would hinder my clearance in any way? In my poly and psych exams i told them about it, so they know. My 2nd poly even brought it up before I took the test, so they definitely know. I just wonder if a claim would affect my chances. Thanks for any knowledge about his, or advise.

I am not sure what an FMLA claim is. At my old job, people would go out for medical reasons for a period of time that meant they had to go on short term disability; the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) protected their job while they were gone.

So I’m not sure any issue would relate to FMLA but to the underlying medical issue. I think as long as the condition is responding to therapy and/or medication and you are continuing the treatment, it should not be a problem.

Not a concern unless you face a dismissal charge.