Mental Health and Clearance Eligibility

I took time off work because I was dealing with a divorce and physical health issue early this year. I saw a therapist and psychiatrist but I didn’t like their approach so I saw my family doctor and he was helpful.

Issue is on one occasion I went to the hospital because I was having chest pains and anxiety and was voluntarily hospitalized to talk to the psychiatrist. She recommended another medication for my depression and anxiety as well as dbt therapy for my depression.

During this time I also developed another chronic illness which exacerbated my physical and mental health along with the divorce.

I did the dbt but it didn’t help but the meds helped. I also started talking to my friends who helped a lot including my ex wife and also continued my meds.

I’m much better now but it did affect my employment as I was terminated for job abandonment as I didn’t report to work as my family member was taking care of my tasks as I was recovering while on medical leave. My employer also caused too much stress because they would not get my medical documents and there was a lot of miscommunication between hr and the leave admin and my manager. By the time I saw their communication they had terminated me for job abandonment. I explained my situation but they said they had no positions available.

I’m going for ts/sci and have a secret clearance. Will this affect me from getting a ts/sci?

You’ll be asked about what happened and all of the details surrounding it. Be honest and provide all documentation to back up your case.

In theory, it can affect your ability to get a clearance, but I don’t see your particular incident being a deal-breaker at all, given that you appear to have had a legitimate reason to not be at work for stretches of time (medical issues).