Mental health counseling

I am about to start my paperwork (SF86) for a top secret/sci with poly.

Under the mental health questions, it says to list only those counselors that you saw that were NOT A RESULT OF MARITAL or GRIEF issues. Well, in the past 10 years, I have endured a bad marriage, divorce, and 3 miscarriages. These events were difficult and I utilized my mental health benefits to the greatest extent and went through many many years of counseling. I would probably have 5 different people to list on the SF86.

None of this was court ordered and I was never hospitalized.

Could this is any way reflect negatively on me and result in my being denied a clearance?

Sorry to hear of everything you’ve been through. These questions are complex and need to be read more than once. Based on your post it seems like you should read the question over again to gain a better understanding of the types of counseling they want you to list. Good luck!

Additionally, because you will be going through the SCI/Poly process it would be best to err on the side of providing the information even when it does not require it. All they will get from the counselor will be the diagnosis, treatment dates, prognosis, and whether your judgment can be trusted.

Thank you very much for your help!! Your responses are very much appreciated. I am going to list everything. I even had to contact my previous insurance company and provide authorization to release my claim information for the last 6 years (that is as far as they will go back !). Otherwise I would not have remembered who I even saw!!

How does an investigator even know who you saw to begin with?

Unless you disclose it, the only other way it will be found out is through other sources during the investigation, and in that case the major issue will be your dishonesty in not disclosing it.

Well I intend to disclose everything, but I am concerned that some one or two of the people I list don’t even practice anymore. And so that may hold up the investigation if they can not get in contact with someone?