Mental Health and Secret Clearance Process

I have a question. When an individual answers “yes” to question 21 about having a mental health condition they have seen a MH counselor for, I understand you have to put dates and name of treating provider and contact information. If the MH provider answers “no” to the question that the person does NOT have a condition…that impairs his or her ability, I understand that they do not request your records for MH treatment. My question though is this:

For a Secret clearance will they interview you based off the fact you have listed mental health counseling?

Also, will they ask or interview your family about your MH?

Thanks in advance.

No, you will not be asked specifically what your mental health condition entails, only in general terms as far as why you sought counseling, dates, where, if you are on medication, and if you continue to get counseled. Neither will they ask about family history.

I was recently granted disability from the va for PTSD now my security office demand a form completed by Doctor. What privacy do I have

Being granted a clearance is not a right, the government need to be assured that by granted you access to classified they have managed the risk by gathering information about you and evaluating it. The SF-86 clearly states that all information requested on the form is strictly voluntary, but failure to disclose information will result in the investigation not being completed, so if you want a clearance then you know what to do. As a reminder, providing false information is an even more serious issue. PTSD is not an issue if it does not affect your reliability and judgment.