Mental health question

So here is my question. I had my security clearance reinvestigation last year. Prior to my investigation I had been having some issues that were causing me anxiety and were affecting my marriage and family life, so I sought out counseling. In reading the mental health question on the SF-86 it said to answer no to therapy that dealt with marriage and family and didn’t have anything related to violence. So I marked ‘no’. I even brought this up with my investigator during my interview and he said that issues with marriage and family don’t need to be reported. That was good enough for me. The issue I now have is that I have had some additional anxiety and have continued to see the therapist. I became worried that this no longer would qualify for the ‘marriage family’ exclusion. I have recently gone to my SSO and was again told that this was not a real issue and didn’t require immediate action, I could just address it in my next SF86 update. I decided that I wanted to make a note of it and put it in my personal file anyway. I guess my question is, have I done enough? I am concerned that somehow originally marking ‘no’ on my last investigation is going to result in having my clearance revoked, which is pretty anxiety provoking in itself! Have I done enough, is there something else I need to do?

I would advise you put all you have written here into a word document memo for record, sgn it, and email it to your SSO asking for it to be put into your security file. That way you are covered if it is ever brought up as an issue.

Thanks Marko! I actually already submitted a record of this for my security file last week. I guess I was just worried that somehow the next investigator would think I was trying to conceal something and I am trying to be as proactive as possible to mitigate any future concerns. I guess in your opinion, do you think I have any reason to be concerned, or is this not a big deal and I should move on?

It should not be a concern if the health professional you are seeing makes a favorable referral.