Another mental health question

So, I answered “no” to question 21. But here’s my situation. I do see a mental health Dr. through the VA about every 6 months for prescription refill. I started going initially (2004) because of PTSD (military), grief and sexual abuse. This particular question confused the heck out of me. I’m starting to think I should have answered “yes” This is for a Top Secret and I do not want to come across as hiding anything. What should I do? My status is that it was sent to OPM for adjudication/final decision on 7 12 2017. Thanks in advance.

Military stress, PTSD need not be disclosed. If it is merely prescription tuneup and status check I see no issues. I too had a med check and the polygrapher asked why I didn’t reflect counseling. I pointed out marital counseling was exempt. In his opinion it helped support the medication question. So I since moved back to over report instead of under report. Disclose and let them decide. If you seek more counseling while under the stress of waiting…I would report this to the FSO to update the form. And in doing so you may be able to explain the current situation as well.


Thank you for your response. It’s always the unknowing that is so stressful. I don’t believe a polygraph will be conducted, but I am seriously thinking about disclosing my “prescription tuneup” just to be safe.

Thanks for your response.

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Just disclose everything and you have no problems, because let me tell you they will find out everything about you.

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