Behavior health

Can you please help me with my inquires. About 4 years ago I checked myself into a inpatient mental institute for a month because I was going thru a very stressful situation in my life and just needed counseling. After my 30 days, I was cleared and never needed any treatment or medication. Btw I wasn’t diagnose with any mental illness. The psychologist just said I was, “extremely sad”. I really want to a public trust clearence in law enforcement but also know any mental health treatment is a automatically disqualifier.

You did not state a question! Mental health counseling is not an automatic disqualifier, especially considering the number of veterans that are diagnosed with PTSD these days. As long as you can provide medical documentation that shows there are no longer any issues it would not be a concern.

Even if I called 911 and said I was gonna commit suicide, would i still get a public trust clearence.? I only said i was gonna commit suicide because i was being dramatic and so my insurence can cover councling. Idk if that looks good on my record. The cops and the EMTS had too take me too the hospital. After I got help, I didn’t need any father treatment.

Like I said, you can mitigate it by providing medical documentation showing that it is no longer an issue.

Thanks for your response. I also made the mistake of e-mailing them my issue and the HR person said she would forward the email too the right unit for a correct response. I’m wondering will that cause suspicious on my part?