Public Trust after Q Clearance revoked

About 10 years ago, I had my security clearance (Q clearance) suspended due to issues (financial and supposed lying about something I didn’t remember) and then later on revoked because I couldn’t go through an administrative review due to health issues; my doctor stated that I had a choice - my health (blood pressure/stress) were so high that I could go through my administrative review and it would probably kill me (“You are a heart attack waiting to happen. If it happens, you will more than likely die from it.”) or just request being put out on disability and let things go where they may. I ended up having my clearance revoked due to this issue. That led to what could be called a “nervous breakdown”.

Since that occurred, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and have been on my medications ever since. I have had 2 hospitalizations for this issue - once in 2010 (?) and again in 2015. This was due to having problems in extreme stressful chain of events that are really not that common. Basically, it was a snow-ball effect - when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did.

Anyhow, I am not the same person as I was before. I have taken action to fix the mental health issues that led to my major issues. I DO have a single but extremely large collection account from about 4 years ago. I traveled to Mexico, used my Verizon phone, it got cloned, my month’s bill was $6k and showed I was simultaneously on the phone in 4 different cities hundreds of miles apart at the same time. Needless to say, I contacted Verizon about it. They told me that I need to pay the $6k and once they complete the investigation that they would give me a credit for the amount paid. That is a bit insane in my opinion and refused to pay it telling them that once they complete the investigation that I would pay my bill. They never completed an investigation; they just cancelled my service and sent it to collections. I am sure that is going to be a problem for a clearance.

Anyhow, I have been doing extremely well and would like to consider getting back to working (currently disabled by SSDI for bipolar disorder) again. I know there is not a chance in hell that I will ever get a L, Q, Secret or Top Secret clearance again with my background. What are the odds that I will be able to get a Public Trust clearance though? I know that things back then were a mess, I wasn’t well mentally and have tried to take actions to correct the issues I had in the past. My being diagnosed as bipolar completely opened my eyes to what could happen when I wasn’t on medications, etc.

I prefer not to talk about the past; it is just too painful to deal with. I would like to forget about my past and just move on from when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and the steps I have taken since then show that. My history from before I had my Q clearance and during my time holding it is that if there was ever anything that came up, I would run to Security and talk to them about it. Maybe that will help in the future if I tried to get a Public Trust Clearance.

I would be looking at jobs in IT for various departments. Maybe that would help.

Any feedback? Do you think I have a snowball’s chance of getting a Public Trust after this past issue?

I think that there is so much to your case that none of want to commit to telling you anything.

I’m far more knowledgeable about security clearances than public trust but you seem to have an awful lot on your plate. If you don’t want to talk about the past, this might be something that you don’t want to pursue.

But, that’s really up to you.

Thank you for the tips. The problem is the damage talking about the past can cause me according to my current doctor. :frowning:

You know you are going to be in a world of hurt when the OPM investigator screams at you asking why you took 3 days to return their call and the excuse that your being in the hospital was not a good enough one to them. (That was from my previous experience. He also didn’t like the fact that I knew his ex personally and that he had been charged with domestic violence while he was with her.)