Mental health hold, Cannabis, or abrupt quit

Hello, I am applying for my first clearance, Federal public trust, and I received a somewhat confusing/ concerning email: “GSA Contractor will need to wait for Final Fitness Determination.” After speaking with my coworkers it sounds like typically they’re granted a temporary clearance while the process goes on but my email indicates something is of concern and is grounds for not getting temporary clearance. I am trying to figure out why I am under added scrutiny and there are three factors I can come up with.
Perhaps most pertinent, I was under extra scrutiny (not a performance review, just single out) at my last job; I suspect it was a quiet firing. My previous employer was very combative and extra critical of my performance after a FMLA leave event. I ended up quitting effective immediately as my mental health would have been compromised if I continued to work there until my new job started. Was leaving quickly without explanation grounds for concern in my investigation?
Second, One year ago I was involuntarily committed to a mental health institution for 72 hours. I was TRIGGER WARNING: suicidal and needed supervision to get stabilized. I was diagnosed as Bipolar but since I have received a great deal of care that has stabilized my condition. Are mental health holds grounds for added scrutiny at the level I am seeing?
Finally, I live in a state that has legalized marijuana use recreationally. I explained I use weed, typically edibles, very infrequently and I explained I have no dependance and could stop if needed for my role.
I am concerned about my clearance being approved and I wonder if there’s any clarification I can provide to alleviate the concerns they currently have?

I’m in a similar boat as you mental health- wise and would love to learn about the outcome lol.

I would guess some 2 and more than likely 3. Marijuana is illegal at the federal level.

I did not know that generally speaking, Public Trust positions required a mental health check?

All three of the things you listed would be considered issues. If you are not eligible for rehire, if you were hospitalized for a mental health condition, and if you use an illegal substance to include marijuana or the misuse of prescription medication. Whether a state has legalized marijuana is irrelevant, the federal government has not and therefore it is still illegal. We can debate jurisdictional issues later but for the purposes of the Public Trust, it is not okay.

I thought that in most cases public trust jobs did not care about mental health? I don’t see any place on the SF-85P to put down hospitalizations?

If they fill out they supplement for the SF85 then it will ask about mental health. Also, all of their references will be asked how they are doing mentally and emotionally.

And what if you receive less than favorable information? Would the applicant be sent to a state- sponsored psychologist?

That seems like an odd question. Why would you have to see a “state” psychologist for a federal investigation? Going to see a psychologist is not a part of a public trust investigation but I suppose an employer could require a psychiatric evaluation in addition to the investigation if they wanted to. Since I am not your investigator I do not know the specifics of your situation.

By “state” I meant “government”- I thought they were synonymous terms.

They are just as synonymous as highway patrol and the FBI.

Ducksquare1, I am sorry some people are being pedantic.

Even though the questionnaire might not ask any questions about your mental health, your mental health may still be considered if you have been hospitalized or if you have received a serious diagnosis like bipolar mood disorder.

Now, those things are not necessarily disqualifying. But they will trigger additional scrutiny. It’s unlikely (possible, I guess, but I’ve never heard of it) that would be examined by a government psychologist.

it is much more likely that your current care provider will be questioned for the limited purpose of learning your diagnosis, whether you are complying with your care plan (taking medication as prescribed, for example) and if that provider believes that your condition would impede your ability to hold a position of public trust.

Plenty of people hold public trust clearances and who have received a diagnosis of bipolar mood disorder. But all of them conform to their treatment plans and all of them have care providers who have signed off on their fitness to hold a position of public trust.

To be honest your very recent (it sounds like) use of weed will probably get you dinged faster. Informal rule of thumbs is 12 months of abstention, or so I am told.

Just to elaborate, Ducksquare1, the government does care about the mental health of public trust clearance holders if their mental health would interfere with their ability to hold a position of public trust. It is very rare for someone to be involuntarily committed. It is also very rare to be diagnosed with bipolar mood disorder. Someone with those things will get more scrutiny.

Until a few years ago anyone who saw a therapist for #basic stuff like anxiety had to disclose it and often their therapists would be interviewed. Good times! The government now (wisely) takes a more nuanced view.

Keep the faith and just cooperate with the process.

Also, quit the weed.

It is interesting that you refer to properly defining terms as a negative thing when the SF85 and SF86 are very literal documents which require following directions exactly as written and using the literal definitions of terms and not some figurative definition, assumption, or “reading between the lines.” I do not see getting clarification on non-synonymous terms used as if they were synonymous as being negative or pedantic. In fact, an investigator’s job is to get clarifications when information is unclear.

After a quick internet search it looks like the two words are often used synonymously, but it is not fully correct to do so:

Hi Crazyforts thank you so much for your feedback.

Apologies if I am causing confusion- I actually kind of stole someone else’s thread (lol). I don’t do weed. I just have a similar mental health situation as the OP and decided to ask here.