Mental health hold, Cannabis, or abrupt quit

Hello, I am applying for my first clearance, Federal public trust, and I received a somewhat confusing/ concerning email: “GSA Contractor will need to wait for Final Fitness Determination.” After speaking with my coworkers it sounds like typically they’re granted a temporary clearance while the process goes on but my email indicates something is of concern and is grounds for not getting temporary clearance. I am trying to figure out why I am under added scrutiny and there are three factors I can come up with.
Perhaps most pertinent, I was under extra scrutiny (not a performance review, just single out) at my last job; I suspect it was a quiet firing. My previous employer was very combative and extra critical of my performance after a FMLA leave event. I ended up quitting effective immediately as my mental health would have been compromised if I continued to work there until my new job started. Was leaving quickly without explanation grounds for concern in my investigation?
Second, One year ago I was involuntarily committed to a mental health institution for 72 hours. I was TRIGGER WARNING: suicidal and needed supervision to get stabilized. I was diagnosed as Bipolar but since I have received a great deal of care that has stabilized my condition. Are mental health holds grounds for added scrutiny at the level I am seeing?
Finally, I live in a state that has legalized marijuana use recreationally. I explained I use weed, typically edibles, very infrequently and I explained I have no dependance and could stop if needed for my role.
I am concerned about my clearance being approved and I wonder if there’s any clarification I can provide to alleviate the concerns they currently have?

I’m in a similar boat as you mental health- wise and would love to learn about the outcome lol.

I would guess some 2 and more than likely 3. Marijuana is illegal at the federal level.

I did not know that generally speaking, Public Trust positions required a mental health check?