If I have maintained; at various jobs the following clearances (i.e., TS, S, Public Trust Clearance & Level 6 clearance), for a total of 20+ yrs., can I be denied a Public Trust clearance due to medical bills debt

I have maintained each of the afore-mentioned clearances at maintaining the Top Secret (TS) (17 yrs. - as a Federal Government Employee) and Secret (S) (1-3 yrs. respective of contracts duration). In 2014, I was stricken with a major medical problem but survived and was capable of returning to work on the contract I was working on when the medical problem began. I remained until the contract was completed. After about six months of unemployment, I was called by the HR representative from that company and was asked if I would go on a contract job for an agency that does highly sensitive and classified work. I was told high recommendations were given to them about me and they were really interested in me. I called the point of contact and we began the hiring process (i.e. went on interview, passed it, began filling out form SF86).
However, I did not get the job due to indebtedness. Between the time I was released from the hospital, returned to work (for six months-contract ended), and unemployment all pay-out-of- pocket medical bills expenses went unpaid because of unemployment.

Question is, do I stand a chance at getting approved for a Public Trust clearance? and also, is not my past history of clearances mean anything?

Here’s my opinion (and that’s all it is):

  • Unresolved debts are a major concern, no matter what the cause. I don’t know if you need to pay everything off but you’ll need to come up with a reasonable plan to address the debt and starting executing that plan before they ask about it again. As for what would constitute a “reasonable plan,” I don’t know, but maybe just collecting detailed and complete info on all the debts would be a good start, so they don’t run some report and find some debt that you did not list.

Past history clearance means nothing, as far as I know.

Thank you subusquirrel for your reply. I appreciate it.