Help with public trust clearance

I am trying to obtain a public trust clearance. I am worried about my (small amount)Irs debt and 30 years ago my top secret clearance was suspended for mental health reasons.

In the public trust investigation would they know.?

Please help with any knowledge

Dont believe there is a question on the SF85 P about revoked clearances.

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There is.

Do you currently have a payment arrangement in place for the irs delinquency?

Yes, I do have a current hold based unemployment, but hopefully if I get the public trust clearance I will be able to get a entry level job working for SSA.
Thanks for responding!

Do you think they know about a suspended clearance from 30

Yes, becuase you will answer honestly on the form that you did in fact, have a clearance denied, suspended or revoked.

You will be fine. I believe they will consider your background history from the last ten years. For your small debt, they will probably ask you to pay and submit proof, as far as I understand.