Hi - I was wondering if anyone with a TS clearance has been on antidepressants? I am curious as to whether they would show up on a random drug test that the federal government conducts on employees. I am currently not on them but am considering. I would prefer not to inform anyone and am aware of the risks of doing so. I just have some mild depression.

Considering the new SF86 Q21 I do not belive I would even have to report once my reinvestigation comes around.

Thank you

I don’t know if they test for them or not, but I personally disclosed my own used of those kind of drugs and it was completely fine. I worried so much about it and I had the opposite experience. Everyone was very understanding.


@Amberbunny2 has written in multiple other threads about mental health and clearance holders. I don’t know if anti-depressants were in those threads, but I would imagine that if they are appropriately prescribed and taken according to the prescription, anti-depressants wouldn’t be an issue.

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As long as they are prescribed and used as directed - you will not have an issue.

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I’ve had a TS/SCI for many, many years. Most of that time I have been prescribed meds for PTSD from the VA so not much of a chance hiding it. There have been no repercussions. Be truthful.

Typically when taking a drug test, if they come back with anything(except illegal drugs) they will come back and ask you do you have a prescription for whatever they found. As long as it is valid, you will be fine. Just keep in mind prescriptions usually expire in a year so if you are taking an old prescription that hasn’t been renewed, it will be considered a fail.

I don’t know if they are looking for antidepressants in the drug screen, but if you are currently undergoing treatment, don’t you need to disclose that on the SF-86?

They’ve changed the questions quite a bit over the years but I think if you are currently taking medications of that kind prescribed by a doctor, you would need to report.

It is no big thing, it is not at all unusual to have a prescription like this, but make sure you are answering all the questions correctly.

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Do they test for antidepressants? Or are you talking about a false posititve situation?

I’m honestly not sure. With the new SF86 it only requires reporting for severe psychiatric conditions such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia (an effort to be more “modern” I guess). Or, if you have been ever court ordered for mental health treatment. It no longer requires reporting for basic issues around depression and anxiety. And to be honest I would rather keep the whole thing private, as I don’t want to be seen in that light.