Mental Health and Psychological Testing

Now that I have my CJO, I am wondering about the psychological portion of the interview. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and MDD and did a short stint in a mental hospital before I was diagnosed. I have another position offer at a lower grade that does not require this testing.

My question is, will this ultimately hinder my job offer? I would hate to lose both positions because of something I already know about. For reference, I do already have a TS//SCI clearance and have had it for the past 10+ years.

Depends. I’ve seen folks holding old misdiagnoses and no active problems waiting multiple years for Secret and have their offer rescinded, and others with much more recent and severe mental illness, but well controlled, cleared in 6-8 months with TS. The difference seems to be passing a psych exam and/or having a therapist willing to speak to your prognosis.

I wouldn’t think your PTSD or MDD would be much issue unless you’re often making bad decisions due to, or in denial about either of them. Also depends on the rest of your background. I don’t know much of anything about the psych exam, but I almost wish I had been put in for TS this time so I could have gone through that instead of waiting for them to finish perusing 13 years of medical records.

I won’t have any issue with having someone speak to my current state, especially since I have been continually getting care and taking medications. I just don’t know if this would hold me back as it is a completely new agency and I have never had to have a psych interview for a job before.

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I’m not sure. It shouldn’t, but it could.

The diagnosis for those isn’t significant to “most” adjudicators. But the mental hospital stay is. Question, did you get baker acted or did you go in yourself? That is a major difference.

Also, keep in mind this is all based on who you get as an adjudicator. Some are just no good and have no life experience and or have ever dealt with these issues. Some do and understand them well.

I went myself to the hospital and it was recommended. I am not sure if they did anything specific beyond this though.

Generally speaking, if you are following your course of treatment and taking medications, if and as prescribed, there is not normally an issue with granted a clearance. I spoke with the head of DCSA in a webinar and she said that since 2010 not 1 single person has been denied a clearance because of simply going to get help. it’s usually when they spiral and there are 5 or 6 o fthe 13 adjudicative guidelines that they are concerned with that they pull or deny a clearance. She specifically said that you can be clinically diagnosed with psychosis and as long as you are following the plan, no flags, and taking meds, you should be ok.

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I really wish that aligned with personal experience. A single flag can make it difficult, two can make it worse, if not completely impossible to overcome.

What do you mean? Did you get denied because of issues?

Thank you for the info! It is strange because I already have an active TS//SCI, but it is through the DoD, so while there shouldn’t be any issues there very well could be because it is a different agency.

No, I’ve never gotten a decision. Taken as a whole, I’ve spent a very very long time pending in this process. This time it seems to be moving faster at least. :person_shrugging: