Determined Eligible but Suitability Process was Incomplete?

I applied to a three letter agency that includes taking a psychological exam as part of the suitability process but I was recently notified that I was determined eligible by Security for the required security clearance without it. I didn’t even know I was ever in the adjudication stage but I have been offered a FJO and am to pick an EOD or request options further out. Does it sound like I have not only skipped the psychological but also passed adjudication?

Also part of what I’m here it ask, is it normal part of the suitability process to be skipped?

Thanks for any insight anyone can provide, I’m excited but thought that since I still had the psychological exam this job was still a long ways out and given the pandemic I was happy to be in the same area as family in these abnormal times, even though we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Well given the slow pace to all of a sudden being offered an FJO I have some people to talk to and to confirm my gut instinct to accept, it’s not that I doubt accepting the position but I think I am a bit in shock.

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I never had a sit down psych interview during my visit either, but I assume I was being passively assessed during the other aspects of my visit.

Congratulations on the FJO!

Thank you but it turns out I may have been ahead of myself. It sounded like they just wanted paper work in the first email so they could send the FJO but after giving it to them they found out one of my assessments expired and no FJO until I retake it but they still want me to select an EOD. Last time it took over a year to hear from scheduling to make the arrangements…

I haven’t taken the behavioral assessment(personality test?) but took the psych assessment. I was worried they would think I was kind of odd in the psych assessment but I think I’m a lot more normal now(because of the pandemic? weird).

Devastated… I received a regret to inform you email today… It took three years at least to go through processing, had been told at one point to expect an FJO and it’s over…

They don’t say why but the only thing new was between them telling me to pick a start date and this has been the psychological and medical history…