Paperwork Submission

Hi there! How long does it typically take for the testing examiners (i.e., the psychologist, polygraph examiner, etc.) to do the “paperwork” (as it was stated to me) and send it along to the adjudication staff? Is about a week a reasonable estimation? And then does the adjudication clock start ticking at the point when all this paperwork is received? TIA!

My results came back within two weeks.

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Hi, by results, do you mean the FJO? Or that you had passed the tests? Thx!

Well you can pass the test and still get rejected.

Such a bummer. Did you receive a SOR?

No. Just a letter that says thanks, but no. Apply again in 1 year. Not a clearance denial, etc. I think if you get something back soon, its not good. I have a clearance already so I am not sure what the reasons were, I will never know.

So sorry to hear, very strange letter. Something rendered you ineligible right now, but which will presumably clear up in a year’s time. But it’s good that it’s not a denial so you can reapply.