Adjudication Timeframe

Anyone know how long the Adjudication process takes with the NSA?

Applied for Job Jan 2023
Completed SF-86 Feb 2023
investigation completed May 2023
Completed Polygraph and Psych. Evaluation July 2023
Does it go straight to Adjudicator straight after that?

Have you had your security interview? I believe it will be after all three (security interview, poly and psych) that’s when you go to adjudication.

Yes, I had the security Interview a month or so before Poly.

I had similar timeline like yours, and it took me (foreign naturalized citizen) to be cleared in 9 months.

Alright thanks alot for the responses. I hope end of this month to next month I should hear something. :crossed_fingers:t4:

Heard any thing yet?

Nope still waiting, well mine hasn’t been up to 9 months, just 7 months or so.

After your investigation is “complete” they send it to review. The reviewers often kick it back for corrections and elaborations or back into investigation. Reviewers can decide that your file needs more interviews with references or something like that.

You could be there right now and not yet officially in adjudication.

It seems like 9 months is average for NSA right now.