How Long does it take to get a response when you appeal

How long does it take for any agency to response to an appeal of the SOR? or How long does it take once you respond to get your BI papers.?

Nobody can really answer this. Did you request a hearing in person or on the written record?

From my experience, about 1 month.

We requested a written record before a hearing in person, its almost 2 1/2 month’s and nothing yet.

Come the end of this moth I’ll be at 9 months since I appealed my SOR based on the written record. Hopefully that provides some perspective. Yes its very frustrating.

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Hey Edfarmerlll sorry for the late reply, we request both, we asked for both, what we are really waiting on is the BI copy before the hearing. Does it usually take that long for a copy?

wow! Yea its very frustrating, am going on 4 months and did you at lest get a copy of your BI? How long did it take them to send you a copy of BI.

NBIB sends the BI well within 2 months if they were the ISP.

The agency who i applied to does there own investigation, they don’t send the BI to NBIB. I called and ask NBIB they told me to contact them but the agency can’t give me a go answer, all they say is wait

Is this through an IC agency?

yes, Intelligence Agency

I think it’s going to be hard to find general timeframes since most of these agencies handle their own adjudications. They use contract investigators for the background investigation but that’s it, everything else is in house.

I searched and couldn’t find anything about a specific IC agency adjudication or appeal process. The amount of people going through are much smaller than DODCAF and DOHA.

You can’t ask for both . . . That doesn’t make sense. In either case, they will provide a copy of the BI report before you have to respond.

Huh? You cant ask for both showcases bud. This is not lets make a deal. How long have you had this job and are you still working there?

It took around 4 to 5 months. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a stack of papers riddled with so many inaccuracies in my entire life. Needless to say my unit commander wasn’t very impressed with the IC’s top notch investigative skills that day.