Anyone Else Experience This?

Got a CJO for NSA (non-STEM) as a fed on 1/2020, did security interview 7/2020, passed poly/psych on 9/2020, and got an email a few days ago that I was no longer being considered for the position.

The email I received says “This could be due to a variety of reasons including interview, testing, initial screening, qualifications, and/or the job opening has been filled/discontinued. This does not close you out for consideration for other positions. You are welcome and encouraged to continue to apply to positions on that interest you, and continue to update your resume as needed.” But it doesn’t give any additional details.

After talking with my recruiter over the phone, it’s most likely not the interview (I got a CJO), testing, or initial screening (wouldn’t have made it this far if it was initial screening), so it’s either the qualifications changed or the job filled up. I don’t think the job filled up because the language in the email would be different, as they usually mention it directly. I was told it’s not a security/suitability issue. Also, it’s not a drug issue because I was not told that I’d have to wait a year before reapplying. This was also confirmed by my recruiter, who said that I can reapply anytime and my adjudication would just pick up where it left off.

My recruiter said they’d try to send over the hiring manager’s contact info for me to talk to because only they would have the full answer. Anyone else experience this? And is there any other way I can find out why?

Can it happen to anyone else? Yes. Good news is that you did not get denied or have any security/investigation issues it seems. Maybe even your clearance and poly is in the system and you can utilize it from a contract gig too if you would like, unless it can only be activated after you get on board/read on. Once you get the contact info of the hiring manager, Best way to frame the letter imo would be to state the events that transpired before then…stating you passed your poly and so forth, and kindly inquiring about the reasoning for discontinuation, emphasizing your desire to support the mission. Keep it sweet, simple, and informative. Plus, reapply or apply to similar positions, as it will be streamlined with you having gone through the whole security process and passed.

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The thing is I was never given an option to frame or send a letter of any sort. I wouldn’t even know who/where to send it to. The only conversation I had was with my recruiter who really didn’t know the reason why either. No details about a letter/address to send it to.

And I don’t think my clearance was adjudicated yet, so it wouldn’t be in the system. The poly might appear, though, like you mentioned.

Typical blanket response from NSA. It simply means they likely have filled the position with someone else.

Even if I already passed the interview and got a CJO? I hear that if the position fills up once you get your CJO they’ll tell you it filled up and send your resume around to be transferred elsewhere.

Yes, try not to overthink this. Even if you interviewed and received a CJO. I have had friends that have received similar responses. Sometimes it may even be that they send out a CJO to multiple candidates and whosever clearance gets adjudicated the quickest, they bring on board…or something else that is similar to it. You should ask your recruiter if you are still in the investigation process or if your investigation has been put to a halt/discontinued due to them already filling the position. That is why it is a “contingent” job offer. I mentioned an option to frame an e-mail/letter once or if you receive the hiring manager’s contact info.

Appreciate the response, thanks!

Not always. They give CJO to 3-5 people per open billet! First one to make it through gets it, however they normally wont stop processing the rest until that person EODs.

Hmmm good to know, thanks for the feedback