NSA Application Status Update

I’m wondering if I’m still being considered for a position I applied to, and if not, does NSA ever send you a courtesy email telling you so?
Looking at my candidate portal, my application has been sitting on “In Review” for quite sometime now (months) and no communication from anyone.
I’m just curious in case they are no longer considering you for that particular position, if they change your status in the portal or send you a courtesy email stating that you are no longer being consider for the job opening. Or they just leave you siting in limbo.
Any feedback will be much appreciated. Thank you!

For any job really, after a month or two, you should probably just assume you didn’t get the job.

Sometimes gov portals do get updated, but not frequently. Sometimes they never get updated at all, and sometimes the job will just disappear on the portal and say you weren’t selected after a year.

Just keep applying.

I did get rejection email from the agency.

However, I would also say the portal status may not be necessarily reflecting to the real status. You should just keep applying until you complete your probationary period. YOU JUST NEVER KNOW.

I know some people would stop at the FJO, but I am just over cautious.

Thank you for the reply!

Thank you very much for your reply @GRUDC.
I was really hoping to get this opportunity.
They had opened this job req I originally applied to and was/still very interested. Not long after that one closed, they opened again, same position but different job req number. I applied again. Well, they both are sitting “in review” for months now. Radio silence.
And I thought it would be a plus on my side the fact that I have a current secret clearance for the past 3 years.
It’s frustrating to be in this limbo. A courtesy email would be nice, so I can stop hoping.

@GRUDC how are things going with you? Did you start your new job?

Hi FragmentedStory!

Yes! I have been working for a couple of months! How are things on your end?

I guess the moral of the story is just keep applying, the agency may reject you once, twice, but if you want to be there, you will be there!

Things are good here. I’m about to move to the area to begin work. I’m looking forward to it.

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Congrats to both of you @FragmentedStory @GRUDC! Your stories and insights have been very helpful in navigating this (maddening!) process. It’s good to hear it ended well for both of you.

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