Did I Get Denied a Security Clearance?

Hello all,

So I am curious as to my current situation. I received a CJO through one of the three letter intelligence agencies. I went through the process (BI, Poly, etc.) and was finally provided a standard denial email about how a multitude of reasons factored in to why I did not receive a FJO. I didn’t receive a SOR or was given a specific reason as to why I was not offered a job.

I’m extremely confused as to the process. I already had a TS/SCI that was successfully adjudicated before. Does this mean I failed to get a security clearance? I am a current contractor that is utilizing my current clearance. Will this affect my ability to apply to other positions in the future or my current job? How do I explain this (if I have to at all) to any other future potential employers?

Thanks for any help.

Sounds like they selected the “best qualified” applicants and you didn’t make the cut.

Look at the “multitude of reasons” that they provided. Would those reasons prevent you from maintaining your current clearance?

It doesn’t sound like you were denied a clearance but it’s difficult to tell what was learned that could effect your current clearance.

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May I ask what date did you fill out the SF86 and how long did you have to wait until you read this news that you did not get the FJO?

I vote with @datesnotrecalled You just didn’t get the job.

Wonder if there is any way you can find out for sure?