What to do about CJO after 3 letter denial

In May, I received my email from a 3 letter agency that my employment processing was discontinued. It did not state whether it was a suitability denial, but it did say I could reapply after 1 year. This was for a TS/SCI .

5 months after receiving the discontinuation email, a private company wants to give me a CJO for the same level clearance (FS) and I suspect they do work for this same 3 letter agency (they are not allowed to tell me). So, am I allowed to apply and accept the CJO? I know that by the time this clearance went through it would be well after the 1 year timeline, but I suspect some overlap. I have no idea who to ask or talk to about this. I requested my records via PA request in May and have not received anything yet.

I am a highly motivated self-empowered person who did not lie on the SF86 but tripped up the day of my poly. It was my first ever.

Any advice is appreciated, or if you do not know, who can I contact to get answers. Thanks in advance!

If i’m understanding correctly, you never had a clearance before and never started at any agency?

I’ve had a secret clearance for 18+ years. Went for TS/SCI F/S for the first time with 3 letter agency, and tripped in the poly and did not get the job (it was not a clearance denial, I guess suitability, and they said I could reapply in a year). OK so life moves on, fine. Now, a private company might want to give me an offer and clear me for the same 3 letter agency and a full year has not gone by. So now what? Do I have to turn down the job offer?

So if it works like it suppose to then you don’t have a TS because you never started and your TS was based on the FS. Has your company checked your clearance. Also, a poly has been known to take clearances before. Just depends on the person on the other end of the process.

It certainly could have been a “suitability” denial and some agencies apply stricter standards for direct-hire employers than for contractors.

No idea who to contact but why not apply (if you havent already) and see how it plays out. But be working on your “Plan B.”

I read your other post where you wrote that you were rejected from the NSA based on a polygraph admission. Even though they say you can reapply in one year, the truth is that you will just get rejected again.

Once you fail the poly or background check from the U.S. Intelligence Community, you are banned for life. Yep. Try to find anyone that failed a poly and got rehired later by the same agency . . . you won’t find anyone.

If your new job is on an NSA contract and you have to go through the NSA security clearance and polygraph again, you will be immediately rejected once NSA runs your name and SSN through a database and finds out they rejected you before.

Yea this isn’t true at all.

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The polygrapher told me I did not fail my poly. And I did not get a clearance denial. It was suitability denial, They could have given me a clearance denial I guess, but they did not. So we shall see. I never got an SOR. It does not affect my current clearance either.

Yes. The good news is, with a suitability denial, you can still get cleared by another agency without too much of a hassle; but you will still have to explain the failed poly since it will show in the system as your background check being discontinued. The bad news is, even with a suitability denial, that agency (NSA) has banned you for life. Trust me. Go ahead and reapply for an NSA clearance one or more years later . . . you will just get rejected again.