secret clearance

if you are terminated from the company that required you to obtain a secret clearance for employment and you were granted one during your employment and then was terminated due to lose of contract is your clearance still active and if so for how long thanks for any replies

It is fairly easy for a new employer to pick up your clearance within two years of when you were last actively cleared, assuming your investigation is within scope. So if it has been less than two years since you were let go from the job where you were actively cleared, and it has been less than ten years since your last investigation (five years for TS) then you should be OK.

All this assumes that the new employer’s government customer will accept your existing clearance, which is by no means guaranteed… could be a different customer, could be different security requirements, could be some other inexplicable reason.

But usually it is a two year time frame that your secret clearance is still ‘valid’

What means within scope?

Thank you for the information definitely helpful

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Within the timeframe before a periodic update is due. So if your secret clearance was granted based on an investigation that completed in January 2012 (for example), then your investigate is “in scope” for ten years from that date.

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