Clearance due to Expire next month

Question for the FSO/SMO out there. So I just left service my Secret clearance is near to expire at its 10yr mark it was established upon my Entry date of service Sept 2012 now while Applying to a few Gov Contract jobs to work for one of which DHS the HR relayed that there FSO noticed my Readjudication or “PR” is due next month April . So Naturally I asked can your FSO start his portion so we can start the paperwork they said should take 3weeks or less,. I do have another company eagerly wanting to hire me and they also said we need to move fast before the that date of April comes as there willing to onboard me for a TS/SCI, what is the next step ? will I possibly lose the job if the clearance doesnt get reprocessed in time ? I am currently not working for any company yet ,its Active .

You mentioned you just left service. If that means you have left military service I believe you will need to have a fresh investigation completed once you are given an offer of employment post military service. It would not matter if you just received an adjudication for the prior military position or it’s about to expire- when you leave military service for a civilian or contractor position, your investigation must start fresh

That is not true. It depends on the agency.

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FSO started my packet today to initialize the PR and start as you said the fresh inv.

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Ok yes that could be correct- I had a single location in mind and some locations do look at it differently. Correction appreciated! Sure would be nice if everything was simply the same process no matter where a clearance is needed.