Do I still have a security clearance or do I have to start from the beginning

I had a TS SSBI completed in 2002 and 2008. I worked on a postion that required a TS until may 2014. I never completed my next 5 year update. I recently applied for a job that requires a secret clearance and should be getting a offer letter for employment pending I’m able to maintain or be granted a secret security clearance. My question is will they be able to use the investigation opened in Jan 2014 or will they have to start a new investigation ? I’m afraid if they will require a new investigation the employer will find another reason to rescind the offer of employment. Thanks for any and all help.

Is there any way to check if I have a current security clearance?. I’ve worked for USAA for 6 years and retire us air force after 21 years.

Once you leave the military or company that granted/sponsored you for a clearance then it is administratively withdrawn. After two years the investigation that was used to grant you the clearance lapses and you have to undergo a new background investigation.