Re-using a Previous Investigation (when does it expire?)

Hi, I’m trying to figure out if my investigation is still valid. Basically, I completed a TS investigation and had an active clearance about 3 years ago. Relatively soon after having the active clearance, I got a new job in a different Federal agency that did not require a clearance. When I was hired at the new Federal agency, I didn’t have to do a new e-QIP or anything but again, there was no clearance required for the position. Anyways, my current position now just put me up for a TS clearance which brings me to my question: is it possible to re-use my TS investigation from 3 years ago from my previous Federal job?

I’m confused because I keep reading online that a TS investigation is no good either 1) after it has been 5 years or 2) after a break-in-service of two years or more. So, what does it mean for me who has never had a break in service but has not had a position requiring a clearance for 3 years, can I re-use my previous TS investigation assuming there’s reciprocally? Thanks!

If you were not 'in access" within the previous 24 months most agencies will require a new investigation be conducted before granting a new clearance. What this means is if three years has passed since you last had a clearance you won;t be eligible for one based on the old SSBI.