Security Clearance Expiration Question

Hello. I recently left my federal job for personal / familial obligations. Upon leaving my position I learned that my TS/SCI security clearance was due for reinvestigation (investigated in October 2009), but was told due to a backlog in security investigations it was not uncommon for employees to both still work and be due for reinvestigation. Since I’m no longer working and using my security clearance, is my security clearance now completely expired? Or is it “current” and could be picked up by another agency within two years of me leaving my former job? I read that recent legislation was passed that potentially extended security clearances durations. I’m wondering where I stand. Thank you in advance!

As long as the last investigation is within seven years agencies can accept it as still valid for a clearance until the RI is initiated.

Don’t believe it. I was released in June 2013. My clearance was investigated and closed in December of 2012. I have had multiple companies try to get my clearance adjudicated and one has waited up to 7 months. The problem is the CAF. My clearance has not once been denied. The CAF is just playing with them. What I found out when I called the CAF is that they want the Security Officer to call them knowing that they won’t. I have had nine Security Officers from different companies who wanted to hire me inform me that they have never called the CAF and refuse to. So the CAF puts your clearance in limbo.