Will my clearance reciprocate?

I currently hold a TS through the military which was activated 10/2012. I’m presently undergoing my periodic reinvestigation and I’ve already had my interview. Additionally, was recently extended a tentative offer for a government job with OPM, which is contingent on my ability to obtain a TS. Will OPM able to use my current active clearance which doesn’t expire until 10/2017, or will they have to wait for periodic reinvestigation to be adjudicated before I they start me? I’m hoping someone out there knows something, please help. Thanks.

Your IC folks will be able to cross you over out to 5 years post BI closing. If you are on the edge they may do it if you worked for them previously. Otherwise your clearances will not cross over after 24 months. I have had a few that were 23 months old and said they no.


Thank you for your response. Are you saying that they’ll cross the clearance over up to 5 years only if I’ve previously worked for them? I presently work for them, but as a contractor, does that meet the threshold?

Actually if you worked for the specific client they will take you out to 7 years after the BI closed. But one IC member to the other…may not. There is an unbelievable amount of parochialism in that community. Ours matter…yours don’t" sort of thing.