PR Due During Inactive Status - 5 or 6 year mark?

Couldn’t find specifics, so trying to piece together bits of information… but hoping someone can confirm my understand of how clearances/eligibility/PR applies to my circumstances.

Here’s my background:

  • Aug 2015: Started Active Duty
  • Sep 2015: Initial TS/SCI SSBI cleared out. (I assume this is the adjudication date?).
  • 2015 to Current: Maintained active access sponsored by DoD.


  • Jun 2020: I will be separating from the military; therefore, my clearance will become “inactive” after de-briefing, but I will still be “eligible”.
  • Sep 2020 or Sep 2021: 5 and 6 year mark from initial SSBI. I would be due for a PR at one of these points. Has it officially been moved to 6 years for TS?
  • Jun 2022: 24 months from separation. Could I technically wait this long and still have reciprocity to a contractor? My understanding is no, the overdue PR would kill it first.

My question - when is my window for “transferring” to a cleared defense contractor position? I’ve seen some statements that say your clearance fully expires at the earliest of the two dates: the “expiration of your last investigation” OR two years after you leave your cleared position. I worry that technically my “expiration” would be Sep 2020 as the typical 5 years from the last BI.

Have you ever seen this in writing?