PR and clearance status


I have TS/SSBI and which needs PR.

My current job needs only secret. I had secret 16 years back. Since the current job do not have TS facility, they can’t process PR.

So what happens if nobody process PR? Will it automatically fall back to secret? or do I need to start all over?

Without PR, can my TS go to inactive state?

Please help



I’m no expert but it seems the company would conduct a PR for the secret when you are due and you will have an active secret clearance. Your TS will probably expire once you have reached the cutoff of inactivity.

As has been discussed here before . . . You don’t have a clearance. You have eligibility for access. If the job you are in only requires Secret then you only have Secret.

I believe that you will retain the Secret level until THAT PR is due but it is possible that they will have to do the Secret PR now.