Job Change with SSBI Pending. New Employer picked up cage code. what happens next?


I was on a contract for about 2 years with DoD that contract just ended in Feb. When the contract ended i had an Active Interim Secret with an Open SSBI Investigation. Lucky for me the field interviews for my Investigation were completed before the contract ended. Atleast i believe they were completed.

to my knowledge OPM was conducting the investigation. NBIB investigator.

In the meantime I’ve found employment with a new company. The FSO of the company looked me up in the JPAS system and has taken ownership of my investigation under their cage code.

According to the FSO, my SSBI investigation is still open and has not closed which would start the adjudication process.

My FSO even said that he contacted DSS to ensure that my investigation and the adjudication of my TS continues.

However he did say that DSS will not estimate how much longer the process will be. He said he did not see any issues/problems as far as the process continuing pending completion of my investigation and then adjudication.

My FSO even said that If I still have the investigator’s phone number that interviewed me they may be able to provide insight on the investigation. he claims that it will remain a waiting game.

my question is

1.What is the difference between DSS and OPM? are they the same organization? Should I call one of them myself?

2. The investigator who interviewed me is not the same person who interviewed my references. would the NBIB Investigator who interviewed me be able to find out where my investigation is at?

3. My SSBI investigation has been open for 2 years. Will i need to wait another 2 years to get the investigation done?

4. What happens next?

My responses are:

  1. OPM and DSS are not the same. I think there is a number at OPM you can call but I don’t think you will get much more info than you already have. I don’t think individuals can contact DSS. I believe DSS runs the JPAS system.
  2. The investigator knows about their one piece of the investigation and nothing else. I don’t know why your FSO would tell you that. That investigator is probably already working on five other cases and is just hoping they dont get a followup question to make them go back and contact you again.
  3. Impossible to say how much longer you have to wait but two more years would be an extreme timeline.
  4. I guess the next step is for the investigation to close, and then the mysterious land of Adjudication. I say ‘mysterious’ because we get even less info about this part of the process than the investigation phase.

You are fortunate to have found an employer who was willing to pick you up without a final adjudicated clearance; maybe having the interim was a big help. I’m glad the FSO has apparently picked up your case in JPAS by tagging it with the cage code, but I’m concerned they told you the investigator could give you more info… some FSOs think they know more than they actually do.

Just my two cents (multiplied by four so that makes eight cents). Let’s see what others have to say.

Congrats on the new job and the fact that they were able to pick up your interim and finally that the interim was still active in the system. Typically if you have an interim Secret clearance and you leave a job/contract ends, your interim closes (for the lack of a better term) as well. Can you please let us know how long was the duration between you leaving the job and FSO at new company picking up the interim?
I have an interim secret and my contract may end soon so I am wondering what will happen to my interim if I dont find a new job right away .

I worked at a place, new hires were granted interims but our customer would not accept them. The FSO told me a couple people were able to move to another company that was able to pick up their interim. I guess it must depend on a number of factors.

Thanks for your reply. Interims are indeed transferable. My question is how long can someone (who holds an interim secret) can go being unemployed and his/her interim still stays active? For example, Subject A holidng an interim secret works for Company XYZ. Contract ends and he gets laid off. It takes him 2 months to find another job that requires secret clearance and the new company says they are willing to transfer interim if its active. Question is will interim secret clearance be active in the months?

That I don’t know. Part of it depends on how quickly the previous company drops you. At any rate the underlying investigation could be stopped and that might end the interim.

Anybody else with better info?