T-5, TS, TS/SCI,S, or SSBI- what have I got and what's the difference

About six months ago I got a conditional entry level BI offer with Securitas, who appears to have walked away from their prospective employees. I say this as a group was supposed to attend NIT in September, then they got bumped back to another September training start date, and then SCIS reportedly went quiet on them. My group was supposed to start on 10/9, and we too got the wave off and we’ll get back to you email followed by radio silence.

We were notified we successfully completed our OPM background investigations and got green lighted to work the NBIB contract. My question is, what actual clearance do we possess and does it need to be activated only by SCIS or can we jump ship as it appears we’ve been abandoned (many of us were counting on our SCIS jobs and really need to start working or find a new career for obvious reasons)? Do we have Top Secret, a Top Secret/ SCI, an SSBI, a T5 or other clearance; and what is the difference between them so we don’t misrepresent ourselves to potential employers?

Also, for a 25 piece starter set of silverware and a trip to the bonus round:
Has anything at KGS improved over the past few months or are they still like all the posts on here (they’re the only organization recruiting where I live)? Thank you in advance!

From what I understand from discussions with current/former contract investigators, and from reading these forums, you have no “clearance” whatsoever. You do, however, have a current background investigation, which another company could use to put you to work.

The tricky part is that this investigation appears to exist only within the OPM database, not necessarily in JPAS where many more potential employers could see it.

I think you have the same investigation that would be used to grant a TS clearance, which used to be called an SSBI. If you have the date that investigation was completed, you might be able to convince a potential employer to take the time to try to look up your info.

I stand ready to be corrected :open_mouth:

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Your getting a top secret level clearance favorably adjudicated so pretty much in a nutshell your getting a top secret investigation but favorably adjudicated so if you go for another top secret clearance position it is at the same level pretty much. It is a ssbi pretty much

@sbusquirrel Ugg, that’s worse than I even suspected. I FOIA’d my background investigation, so that should help when they get around to processing it. Thank you for the response, any info on the current state of KGS, or would I/we do better to exit the industry? Thank you again for the info.

If you do have to start all over, I think that the new agency will see that you have a recent investigation and just use that. However… everybody seems to be so paranoid about clearances taking a long time, you may have a tough sell if you try to go outside the contract BI industry (where they understand how these things work).

Can’t comment on KGS but I’m concerned about all these reports about folks having their start dates rescinded. What affects one company seems to affect all, sooner or later.

I keep hearing about people having a “favorably” adjudicated clearance. Does that mean you “passed” or does it have a deeper meaning than that?

@sbusquirrel I could see how it the ripple effect could impact others. A friend of mine in the National Guard recently informed me there are over 750,000 current clearance application pending across the entire spectrum. Any idea what could be the cause for the delay? Reflection on possible causes includes SCIS losing the contract, the lack of an approved Fed budget, and corporate downsizing, although with that many open investigations that seems improbable. The fact SCIS is largely non-communicative and bumped the September class twice before bumping the October class indefinitely is really concerning…

In a nutshell if you need a ts level clearance you have it pretty much. That’s how I interpret it. If you go for other positions that require top secret, you have that level clearance

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Did you get on yet?
Also you get actual clearance I was notified some time ago if needed clarification

T4 investigation will not get you access to any classified. It is for high risk public trust positions but still only uses the SF85 series questionnaire.

Background investigators undergo a Tier 5 sponsored by OPM and upon completion and favorable adjudication, are eligible for a TS clearance but are not actually granted one. If you leave employment to another company, their sponsoring agency can use the favorably adjudicated investigation and grant clearance eligibility if within two years and investigation is still within scope…

I was granted one so I think it varies

Which contractor do you work for?