SSBI with Secret Clearance

So I applied to a job over a year ago that required me to go through the clearance process for a TS level clearance with a poly. The contract requirements changed apparently, and they got back to me last week that my clearance went through (even though I did not do the poly). I called the security office and they explained that I am cleared at only the Secret level now, even though I went through and completed the SSBI investigation process. From my understanding, The SSBI is the background investigation that get’s you the eligibility for the TS. Once this process is done, you can be adjudicated (or read on) for your TS when necessary to perform your duties. The current position is only part time, so I wanted to look for some full time oppurtunities now that I am close to graduating.

Should I still apply to jobs that require a TS level clearance?

How would I best present on my resume that I have gone through the SSBI background investigation even though I only have a Secret clearance?

The SSBI is done for both Secret and TS clearances. The difference, as I understand, is the potential for a poly and the adjudication.

Yes, you can still apply for jobs requiring a TS but you will have to go through the process of getting a TS if they want to bring you on board. The advantage that you have now is that many companies will be able to put you on Secret work while the process continues and, as long as it is done soon, some of your investigation is still in scope.

On your resume . . . The only thing that you can really say is that you have a current secret clearance.

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