Favorable SSBI--How can I find out my SSBI stataus?

I have a question regarding to my Single Scope Background Investigation from OPM ( SSBI ). My previous employer told me that I have SSBI( OPM uses SSBI to investigate for Top Secret clearance) but I am eligible for Top Secret Clearance.

So my question is Can I still apply for Secret Clearance and Top Secret Clearance positions even though I only have SSBI?

There is nothing preventing you from applying for cleared positions, but you cannot claim to have an active clearance. What will happen is security from whoever wants to hire you will look into the system and see if that last investigation can be used to grant a clearance or whether a new investigation would be required.

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When I applied for the cleared position , one of the contractors told me that they couldn’t find my favorable SSBI on the JPAS,Scattered Castles and other federal datase .

Do you think I should request my SSBI from OPM in order to find out my SSBI status? Or there is something else I can do to obtain my SSBI ?

***I just left the company a month ago.

If it was done by OPM go here: https://nbib.opm.gov/foia-privacy-acts/requesting-and-amending-my-records/#CopyofBI