What should I write down about my security clearance on my resume?

I am an incoming background investigator who received a favorable determination to work on the NBIB contract some time ago. Unfortunately, my employer has kept me entirely in the dark about the start date and what little I learned about the situation from this forum does not portend well. I still want this position but I decided that I should prepare for the worst and start looking into other opportunities.

Given how I still passed the background investigation even though I haven’t started the job, what should I say about my security clearance on my resume and also to prospective employers? I’ve seen some mixed responses to similar questions, so I would very much appreciate it if past or retired investigators can provide a definitive answer. Thank you in advance.

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“Security Clearance: Active TS/SCI with CI Poly”

No issue listing it. Just be careful discussing specifics as to what you are cleared for etc. LinkedIn has fake profiles. You don’t want to be colluding


Favorably adjudicated and having a security clearance are two different things. Just make sure you are proving accurate information.

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@investigator721 I understand that I don’t have an actual security clearance. Then should I just write on my resume as a favorably adjudicated SSBI? The email I received says “favorable determination to work on the NBIB contract based on a T5.”

I think the point is “are you currently in a seat with a signed NDA, read or briefed in to the classified portions of the project?” If not then you have a favorably adjudicated, etc. It gets a bit confusing divining between active clearance, security clearance eligibility, or even “in access.” Those terms means a lot to an FSO regarding a person’s status. Generally speaking, broadly speaking (knocking on podium, stomping feet) most say “I have an active clearance” if working in a cleared position presently. Others generically use the term “cleared” but are not working with a cleared position at the moment and it gets muddy. So, if in a cleared seat and working with classified, you can put Active Secret clearance or whatever it is. Your client may be classified as is mine and not all clearances can be viewed in JPASS.

I was taught that if I am working in a cleared role, my clearance is “Active”. If I am not working but I am still eligible, my clearance is “Current”. But, I don’t remember where or when or who . . .

Current, favorably adjudicated Tier 5. That is all you should be advertising.