Clearance granted, but not working yet

I was given a successful adjudication and granted a TS/SCI from a government agency. This agency requires you get the clearance before you can work there. They move slowly. I am wondering if I now have a TS/SCI in some shape or form and am eligible to apply for jobs that require a clearance. I’ve asked in other forums and haven’t been given a straight answer. So I just want to know if I apply to a job and they ask if I have an active TS/SCI clearance what do I tell them.

You don’t have an “active” clearance until you are read in. In other words until you start working. I believe that what you have right now is a “current” clearance and, yes, you should be able to apply for other jobs requiring TS or Secret clearance.


unique --Congrats on the clearance , you are in same shoes as me .I am not sure if you are cleared as a contractor or as a Fed


Get “read in” as Ed suggested. Feel free to inform others you have a current BI and were not yet “read in.” Trust me getting “read in” isn’t nearly as sexy as it sounds. Once “read in” and occupying the seat, you can tell folks you are in a cleared position with a recent BI. Shorthand for that: People just say TS SCI cleared 08 October 2018 (or whatever the date is). Now if you are cleared with a covert location or client…you may have restrictions on how you inform others. But if your clearance eligibility is reflected in scattered castles you can tell a new employer that information. Your client may have a proprietary system for their own clearances that you may have restrictions on revealing as it would reveal who the client is at a certain location.