Tier 5 completed but no security clearance assigned

I worked for CACI’s OPM contract for background investigations. I completed and received a positive adjudication for a SSBI/Tier 5 investigation. There was no clearance assigned. Do I qualify for any clearances? Does this investigation put me any closer to a clearance? Or does an investigation have to be redone in order for a clearance to be granted? I’m just wondering whether having 10 years of my life being investigated was worth anything? Thank you for information that you can provide!

I seem to recall reading that OPM background investigators undergo a background investigation but do not themselves get a security clearance as access to classified information is not required. However you do have an SSBI on file and you should be able to get a job requiring a clearance if you can find one.

If you are sponsored for a clearance within 24 months of the T5 closed date then it can be used to grant you a clearance. Just because OPM didn’t grant you access doesn’t mean you weren’t eligible, you just weren’t read in based on need.

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Quick question, I also have an ssbi with CACI. Am i able to sign up for clearance jobs and look for jobs. I just want to be in the network for now seeing as I haven’t even started training as yet